Listed below are just some of the activities that my program offers. All will help your child (ren) prepare for the first years of school. Activities will be based according to the ages of the children in my care. Children ages 23 months or younger may not be able to complete crafts or worksheets therefore a substitute activity will be provided for him / her.

Please understand that my program is not just about having a safe place for your child to be while you are working., beginning between the ages of two & three I will begin to work with the children on subjects to prepare them for Kindergarten. If your child is already in school, during vacations I will work with your child on items he / she may struggle with or I may prepare them for the next grade.

  •  Story time - reading books from the series Help me be good, which concentrates on issues like sharing, being bossy, tattle tales, disobeying etc. Or we may read a child's favorite like The cat in the Hat.
  • Crafts - a wide variety of craft/art projects will be done each week. Everyday crafts like make an "about me book" and Holiday crafts like   make your own Christmas puzzle. Children will also create theme based projects.
  • Outdoor play - Children will have a mix of free play as well as scheduled outdoor play in a large fenced in yard. We may take nature walks or complete an obstacle course etc.
  • Music - Children will have a grand old time playing musical chairs, creating their own band with various musical instruments or singing a tune on the karaoke machine.
  • Circle time - This time will consist of learning all the necessary things a child needs to know before their first year of school. Items may include but are not limited to numbers, alphabet and money.
  • Daily Curriculum - Theme based learning. Children will engage in topics related to themes such as Rain Forest, Space, Farms etc. Each month a new theme. I also change the toys each month to coincide with the monthly theme. The children may have a craft and or worksheet daily on educational topics based on their age and learning ability.

Activities are not on a timed schedule. I will take direction from the children as some may get bored with a particular activity.

While throughout the day the children will learn through various methods, my home does not exactly mimic a school setting.

For children ages two and above:

All children in my care that are two or older have the opportunity to participate in a special program designed to prepare them for kindergarten. The children will learn at their own pace and are never forced to participate.

The program consists of special workbooks and planned activities that were created with preschool in mind. I will begin with simple steps, once your child masters one part we will then move on to the next. Some of the items that your child may learn are noted below. Please note that this is not a complete list.

Speech & language development:

*communicate well with others

*rhyme or recognize rhymes

*identify some or all of the alphabet

*tell the meaning of simple words, like stop

Social Development:

* put away toys & help with simple chores

* finish tasks without being distracted

* wait for his / her turn

* share well with others

* use simple manners: please & thank you

* recite own first & last name

Motor skill development

* run, skip, hop & jump

* walk backwards

* hold a pencil / crayon correctly

* trace basic shapes

* use scissors & glue to cut & paste

* tie own shoes

Academic & General Development

* write full name & recite home address

* know shapes & colors

* write some or all of the alphabet

* know age & birthday

* identify simple opposites

* sort items by color,shape & size

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