Michelle's Home Daycare & Preschool offers child care accomodations to Massachusetts educators and staff. { and those that can follow the public school systems calendar }



Welcome to Michelle's Home Day Care and Preschool! 

My first goal is to give your child a clean and loving environment as well as give them the guidance and educational experiences needed to prepare them for their future. 

My second goal is to make sure you as the parent are comfortable each day that your child is here. It is important to me that you are not stressed out at work wondering how your child is doing. You are welcome to call / email me as often as you need to every day to check in on your child. Life is stressful enough - I strive to give you one less thing to worry about.






I also want to note for more peace of mind: Our home is currently protected by Video Surveillance 24 hours a day.

   Why choose my service?

One of the most daunting things in life is trying to find someone to care for the most precious thing in your life.., your children!
Let’s face it.., it is scary! I have three children myself, a teen age girl and a set of twin girls. My older daughter did go to home daycares when she was small. I shuffled through a few before I found the perfect one for her. One that she enjoyed and a provider that really cared for her. I had luck with her though, she didn't go to daycare until she could speak her mind. I knew every detail of every day which made it someone easier. At the beginning it was rough because I went through 5 providers in a small time period.
When I was pregnant with the twins, I started to look at day cares for them. The prices were enough to put me in labor! I could not believe how much it cost.
After the girls were born, I hit another wall. Every time I thought about putting them into someone else's care for 9-10 hours a day.., my stomach would get all tied up in knots. I knew then I had to do something. They were alot of work!  And with all the horror stories on the news about people caring for children while drinking or even worse charges for abuse!! - We sat down and discussed how I felt and about how much it would cost. We both knew I needed to find an alternative.
So here I am..., I made the decision to operate my own day care out of my home. People of course think I am crazy :) My  husband thinks I am crazy but knows if anyone can handle this mentally.., it is me. After all I have been with him several years lol
I also decided that since I am helping my family that I can help other people at the same time.
You may ask.. “How are you helping me?”
As I mentioned I know how much centers are charging for child care, so I know that my rates are lower compared to the average. Why pay the high fee they charge when you can can get the same high quality care some of them offer but for a fraction of the price. In addition - I supply the children's meals thus saving you more money.  Your child will receive more attention since there is a small group rather than a large group. Because I maintain a small group, parents also have more flexibility with schedules.
I understand how hard it is to leave the love of your life with a stranger. I will work with you to make it as smooth as possible. You are free to call/email as much as you need to check in. I also give my clients an option to start part time if possible until both the child and parent are comfortable.

     Affordable, dependable

and more importantly.., caring!

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{aware of Monday staff meetings, please make note of your needs when contacting me, I might be able to accomodate depending on schedule}


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